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2019 Yidan Prize Conference Series: The Americas

Northwestern University was delighted to co-host the 2019 Yidan Prize Conference Series: The Americas. The Yidan Prize, established in 2016, is the world’s largest educational prize, with a mission of creating a better world through education.

This conference highlighted new directions for research and development inspired by the work of the 2018 Yidan Prize Laureates Larry Hedges and Anant Agarwal, including the role that evidence plays in addressing inequities and improving practice in education.

The conference included:

  • welcome by the Yidan Prize Founder Charles Chen Yidan
  • lectures by the 2018 Yidan Prize laureates Larry Hedges and Anant Agarwal
  • keynote address by Teach for All Co-Founder and CEO Wendy Kopp
  • opening and closing remarks by Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro and Provost Jonathan Holloway
  • and four panel discussions on The Future of Evidence and Innovation in Education

Read more about the conference
Download the Yidan Conference program (PDF, 3.7 MB)
Download the Yidan Conference Executive Summary (PDF, 30.6 MB)

Conference Videos

Open: Morton Schapiro & Charles Chen

Laureate Lecture: Larry V. Hedges and Intro to STEPP Center: Elizabeth Tipton

Panel 1: Synthesizing Research Evidence

Panel 2: Increasing Demand for Research Evidence

Keynote Address: Wendy Kopp

Laureate Lecture: Anant Agarwal (English Captioned)

Expanding Access to Education

Evaluating Technological Innovation