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Tutorial & Review Papers

In addition to developing new methods, we often write papers explaining how to implement these methods in different fields with real data.

Generating Evidence Tutorial & Review Papers

Chan, W. & Hedges, L. V. (in press). Pooling interactions into error terms in multisite experiments. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics.

Chan, W., Hedges, L. V., & Hedberg, E. C. (2022). The effects of downstream clustering in longitudinal studies. The Journal of Experimental Education, 90(3), 731-759.  DOI:10.1080/00220973.2020.1783501

Tipton, E. (2022). Sample selection in randomized trials with multiple target populations. American Journal of Evaluation, 43(1): 70-89. DOI:10.1177%2F1098214020927787

Sabol, T. J., McCoy, D., Gonzalez, K., Miratrix, L., Hedges, L., Spybrook, J. K., & Weiland, C. (2022). Exploring treatment impact heterogeneity across sites: Challenges and opportunities for early childhood researchers. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 58, 14-26. DOI:10.1016/j.ecresq.2021.07.005

Bryan, C., Tipton, E., & Yeager, D. (2021) Behavioral science is unlikely to change the world without a heterogeneity revolution. Nature Human Behavior. DOI:10.1038/s41562-021-01143-3

Tipton, E. (2021) Beyond the ATE: Designing randomized trials to understand treatment effect heterogeneity. Journal of the Royal Statistics Society: Series A, 184(2): 504 -521. DOI:10.1111/rssa.12629

Tipton, E., Spybrook, J., *Fitzgerald, K., *Wang, Q., & *Davidson, C. (2021) Towards a System of Evidence for All: Current Practices and Future Opportunities in 37 Randomized Trials. Educational Researcher, 50(3): 145-156. DOI:10.3102%2F0013189X20960686

Natesan, P. & Hedges, L. V. (2021). Accurate models vs accurate estimates: A simulation study of Bayesian single-case experimental designs. Behavior Research Methods,43(4),1782-1789. DOI:10.3758%2Fs13428-020-01522-0

Schauer, J., Kuyper, A., Hedberg, E. C., & Hedges, L. V. (2020). The effects of microsuppression on state education quality data. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 13, 794-815. DOI:10.1080/19345747.2020.1814465

Natesan, P., Minka, T. & Hedges, L. V. (2020). Investigating immediacy in multiple phase-change single case experimental designs using a variational Bayesian unknown change-points model. Behavior Research Methods, 52, 1714-1728. DOI:10.3758/s13428-020-01345-z

Tipton, E., & Matlen, B. J. (2019). Improved Generalizability Through Improved Recruitment: Lessons Learned From a Large-Scale Randomized Trial. American Journal of Evaluation, 40(3), 414–430. DOI:10.1177/1098214018810519

Tipton, E. & Olsen, R. (2018). A review of statistical methods for generalizing from evaluations of educational interventions. Educational Researcher, 47(8), 516-524. DOI:10.3102/0013189X18781522.

Hedges, L. V. & Schauer, J. (2018). The history of randomized trials in education in America. Education Research, 60, 265-275. DOI:10.1080/00131881.2018.1493350.

Hedges, L. V. (2018). Challenges in building usable knowledge in education. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 11, 1-21. DOI:10.1080/19345747.2017.1375583.

Spybrook, J., Hedges, L. V., & Borenstein, M. (2014). Understanding statistical power in cluster randomized trials: Challenges posed by differences in notation and terminology, Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 7, 384-406. DOI:10.1080/19345747.2013.848963.

Hedges, L. V. (2013). Recommendations for practice: Justifying claims of generalizability. Educational Psychology Review, 25(3), 331-37. doi:10.1007/s10648-013-9239-x

Synthesizing Evidence Tutorial & Review Papers

Taylor, J. & Hedges, L. V. (in press). Toward more rapid accumulation of knowledge about what works in physics education: The role of replication, reporting practices, and meta-analysis. In The Handbook of Physics Education.

Szaszi, B., Higney, A., Charlton, A., Gelman, A., Ziano, I., Aczel, B., Goldstein, D., Yeager, D., & Tipton, E. No reason to expect large and consistent effects of nudge interventions. Letter to the Editor. Forthcoming in PNAS.

Pustejovsky, J. & Tipton, E. (2022).Meta-analysis with robust variance estimation: Expanding the range of working models. Prevention Science, 23: 425-438. DOI:10.1007/s11121-021-01246-3

Brunner, M., Keller, L., Stallasch, S. E., Kretschmann, J., Hasl, A., Preckel, F., ... & Hedges, L. V. (2022). Meta‐analyzing individual participant data from studies with complex survey designs: A tutorial on using the two‐stage approach for data from educational large‐scale assessments. Research synthesis methods. DOI:10.1002/jrsm.1584

Schauer, J. & Hedges, L. V. (2021). Reconsidering methods for assessing replication. Psychological Methods, 26, 127-139. DOI:10.1037/met0000302

Schauer, J. M., Fitzgerald, K. G., Peko-Spicer, S., Whalen, M., Zejnullahi, R., & Hedges, L. V. (2021). An evaluation of statistical methods for aggregate patterns of replication failure. Annals of Applied Statistics, 15, 208-229. DOI: 10.1214/20-AOAS1387

Hedges, L. V. & Schauer, J. (2021). The design of replication studies. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, 184(3), 868-886. DOI:10.1111/rssa.12688

Schauer, J. & Hedges, L. V. (2020). Assessing heterogeneity and power in replications of psychological experiments. Psychological Bulletin, 146. 701-719. DOI:10.1037/bul0000232

Hedges, L.V., Saul, J., Cyr, C. Magnus, M., Scott-Sheldon, L.A.J., Young-Hyman, D., Kettel Khan, L. (2020). Childhood obesity evidence base project: A rationale for taxonomic vs conventional meta-analysis. Childhood Obesity, 16, Supplement 2, 1-6. DOI:10.1089/chi.2020.0137

King, H., Magnus, M., Hedges, L.V., Cyr, C., Young-Hyman, D., Kettel Khan, L., Scott-Sheldon, L.A.J., Saul, J., Arteaga, S., Cawley, J., Economos, C., Haire-Joshu, D., Hunter, C.M., Lee, B., Kumanyika, S., Ritchie, L., Robinson, T., Schwartz, M. (2020). Childhood obesity evidence base project: Methods for taxonomy development for application in taxonomic meta-analysis. Childhood Obesity, 16, Supplement 2, 7-20. DOI:10.1089/chi.2020.0138

Scott-Sheldon, L.A.J., Hedges, L.V., Cyr, C., Young-Hyman, D, Kettel Khan, L., Magnus, M., King, H, Arteaga, S., Cawley, J., Economos, C., Haire-Joshu, D., Hunter, C.M., Lee, B., Kumanyika, S., Ritchie, L., Robinson, T., Schwartz, M. (2020). Childhood obesity evidence base  project: A systematic review and meta-analysis piloting a taxonomy of intervention components to prevent obesity in children 2 to 5 years of age, 2005 to 2019. Childhood Obesity, 16, Supplement 2, 21-48. DOI:10.1089/chi.2020.0139

Kowalski, S., Taylor, J., Askinas, K., *Wang, Q., *Zhang, Q., Maddix, W., & Tipton, E. Examining Factors Contributing to Variation in Effect Size Estimates of Teacher Outcomes from Studies of Science Teacher Professional Development. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 1-29. DOI:10.1080/19345747.2020.1726538

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